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Conditions applicable to foreign taxpayers eligible for relief:


  • For a foreign taxpayer eligible for relief in 2016/7 you will be recognized if you meet the following conditions:
  • You pay all or almost all income tax only in the Netherlands. This is the case when at least 90% of your global income is taxed in the Netherlands.
  • Your place of residence is in the territory of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba; At least 90% of your income is taxable in the Netherlands;
  • You can present an income certificate issued by the competent tax office of your country of residence.




  • All Jaaropgaafs or the last payslip(s) - i.e. from each company where you worked in a given tax year

  • Possibly BSN number (sofinummer)

  • Certificate of income from the country of residence for the accounting year on a form from Belastingdienst (can also be provided after tax settlement)





  • costs related to arranging / prescribing a mortgage loan
  • mortgage interest after meeting the applicable conditions
  • medical costs not reimbursed by the insurer (including dental services)
  • study costs, courses, training ordered by the employer and not reimbursed by the employer (until 2023)
  • costs of renovation of monuments
  • donations for social purposes
  • alimony for ex-partner
  • costs of transport to work by public means of transport


Every person working in the Netherlands, receiving benefits and paying taxes here, is obliged to settle accounts with the local tax office.
The tax withheld from an employee's pay or benefit and the tax due to the tax office are not the same. When calculating remuneration/benefit, an advance payment is collected on account of income tax and social security, which is calculated on the assumption that the employee will be employed throughout the year and will receive evenly distributed earnings/benefits throughout the year. If this is the case, the tax withheld by the employer or the office paying the benefits will be equal to the tax due to the tax office. However, if employment/receiving benefits does not last the whole year, there are breaks in employment, or there are significant fluctuations in earnings, then there is an overpayment or underpayment of tax. It is also worth remembering that the employer/office, when paying income tax advances, does not take into account the rights to tax reliefs and deductions from income, which significantly reduce the tax due to the tax office. So if you worked in the Netherlands in a given tax year or received unemployment benefit, maternity benefit, sickness benefit or sickness benefit, you are obliged to pay tax to the local tax office Belastingdienst. Therefore, each person is obliged to settle accounts with the Dutch tax office.
In 2015, the Dutch tax office introduced changes defining the rights to tax credits, deductions from income for non-Dutch residents, i.e. people living outside the Netherlands. As a foreign taxpayer eligible for relief, you are entitled to the same income deductions, tax relief and tax-free allowance as a Dutch resident, including a deduction of interest on a loan taken out to buy your own apartment (also abroad).
Therefore, if you meet the conditions applicable to a foreign taxpayer eligible for relief, submit an income certificate, complete the form and submit it for signature to the competent tax office in the country of your residence. The income certificate can be sent to the office together with the tax declaration or after its submission. Otherwise, you will be recognized by the office as a foreign taxpayer who is not eligible for relief and certain deductions from income. ATTENTION! In order to receive a "certificate of income from the country of residence" from the Polish tax office, it is required to submit a tax return PIT36 ZG. Our law firm provides services in the field of all Polish tax settlements of natural persons.
Our law firm takes into account all due tax reliefs and deductions from income during the tax settlement only if it is allowed by the current tax law!!! This service is included in the cost of tax settlement, so we do not charge additional fees related to it.

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The founder of the Jongman Advies Buro Tax Office is Erwin Jongman. In 2008, Wioletta Wojciechowska joined the company as a tax advisor (entry number 675333) with 25 years of professional experience gained while working in administrative offices and enterprises. Our Tax Office has been operating on the Dutch market for almost 15 years. We operate in Didam (near Arnhem).


Despite the rapid development, we are still a family company and the most important thing for us is a nice atmosphere combined with professionalism. We serve both natural persons working in the Netherlands, as well as sole proprietorships (ZZP), offering our assistance already at the stage of its registration. The Jongman Advies Buro Tax Office provides services in the field of bookkeeping, all tax and social matters and labor law in the Netherlands. Our clients can also count on assistance in the field of Dutch and Polish PIT tax settlements, possible supplements (toeslagen), social matters (UWV, CAK, SVB), insurance and others, taking into account the constantly changing tax regulations and applicable law.